chata în Franceză

1. (menina) taquine (f)
2. (náutico) péniche (f); chaland (m); barge (f)
3. (comportamento - mulher) raseuse (f) {informal}; casse-pieds (f) {informal}; enquiquineuse (f); coupeuse de cheveux en quatre

Propozitii exemplu

No, man, that's monstrous, objected El Canco. "The fellow hires out his cave to Rubia and Chata, who hang around here and have customers in the barracks. He has to respect his agreements with them."
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They're Rubia and Chata with a couple of hayseeds, said one of the gamins.
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Why? Are Rubia and Chata inside?
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And that winner is from Seconal, North Carolina, Chata Ortega.
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