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n. oposum

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(m) n. opossum, small marsupial animal which has a prehensile tail and is native to the eastern United States and Central and South America; small marsupial animal that is native to Australia and New Zealand

Propozitii exemplu

Bien que le hérisson, la taupe, la loutre, le lapin et l'opossum ressemblent aux rongeurs, ils n'en font pas partie.
Even though they look like it, a hedgehog, a mole, an otter, a rabbit or an opossum are not rodents.
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Les opossums se nourrissent d'eucalyptus.
Possums feed on eucalyptus trees.
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nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America: common opossum, Didelphis virginiana, family Didelphidae, possum, Didelphidae, pouched mammal, crab-eating opossum, Didelphis marsupialis, marsupial
small furry Australian arboreal marsupials having long usually prehensile tails: flying opossum, koala, koala bear, flying phalanger, phalanger, flying squirrel, native bear, kangaroo bear, family Phalangeridae, cuscus, possum, Phalangeridae, Phascolarctos cinereus, pouched mammal, brush-tailed phalanger, Trichosurus vulpecula, marsupial

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