spiritualize în Turcă

[spiritualize (Amer.) ] f. tinselleştirmek, manevi değer kazandırmak, manevi anlam vermek

Propozitii exemplu

She spiritualizes them, and one feels that they are of the same flesh and blood as one's self.
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To spiritualize one's age--that is something worth doing.
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Spiritual ignorance and atheistic dogmatism do their best to stop the enhancement of Slavonic peoples' spiritualized science.
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They rage against materialism, forgetting that there has been no material improvement which has not spiritualized the world.
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They were surrounded by productive farm land and dominated by large temple complexes like this one at Ur, that were, in fact, effectively, spiritualized, central food distribution centers.
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give a spiritual meaning to; read in a spiritual sense: spiritualise, see, construe, interpret
elevate or idealize, in allusion to Christ's transfiguration: glorify, modify, transfigure, alter, change
purify from the corrupting influences of the world: spiritualise, purge, sanctify, purify

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