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Fuerza vital

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grotesquely disfiguring the human body. He saw wounded objects just beginning to recover their vital force who were but rough skeletons of men, frightful caricatures, human rags, saved from the tomb by the audacities
desfigurando grotescamente el cuerpo humano. Vió heridos que empezaban a recobrar su fuerza vital y sólo eran esbozos de hombres, espantosas caricaturas, andrajos humanos salvados de la tumba por las audacias
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He realized of the horror of the horror of the blind and avenging forces raging around him. The vital force that had been concentrated in his eyes, now spread to his feet… and he started to run without knowing whither,
Se dió cuenta del horror de las fuerzas ciegas e implacables que rugían en torno de él. La vida concentrada en sus ojos se esparció, descendiendo hasta sus pies… Y echó a correr, sin saber adónde ir,
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- para abandonar las fuerzas vitales de sus...
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For Finland infantry mines are a vital force in our land defences.
Las minas antipersonal representan para Finlandia un instrumento fundamental en la defensa del país.
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(biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms: force, elan vital, life force, vitality

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