vital în Indoneziană

a. hayati, hidup: yg berkenaan dgn hidup, penting: sangat penting, diperlukan: yg amat diperlukan, vital, membahayakan, berbahaya, mematikan: yg mematikan, membinasakan: yg membinasakan

vital în Engleză

a. vital, gut

Propozitii exemplu

Barack Obama reiterated that military cooperation was vital in dealing with North Korea.
(Source: Voice of America)
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Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital.
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Every moment was of vital importance.
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I emphasized to Human Resources my expectation that in the future all staff be made aware of the vital importance of diversity and inclusion among all employees in the workplace.
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Today, the strong partnership between our two countries is more vital than ever.
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When there is so much work to be done, we remember the vital work of humanitarians and what we can all do to be humanitarians.
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The ocean itself is vital to life – not just for island nations, but for people around the world.
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It is not just a question of sending people, though it is vital to send people.
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Desnoyers' eyes caressed the vital volume apparent beneath her long mourning veil. Again he thought of Julio, without taking into account the flight of time.
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Caring for tyres (or wheels) is vital for those car trips during the summer, which at times may be long.
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urgently needed; absolutely necessary: indispensable, critical
manifesting or characteristic of life: live, alive
full of spirit: animated, full of life, lively, alive
performing an essential function in the living body: life-sustaining, essential

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