spiritedness în Engleză

n. quality of being spirited, vivacity, liveliness, animation

Propozitii exemplu

He demonstrated his public-spiritedness by photographing the illegal dumping of atomic waste.
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I have learned a great deal about dignity, public spiritedness and suffering from the victims that I have worked with in recent years.
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From their viewpoint, collecting art was not simply a matter of benevolence or public spiritedness.
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People after the earthquake in New Zealand visited us in order to incorporate some of this public spiritedness around local growing into the heart of Christchurch.
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Public spiritedness, measured through non-payment of public utilities (transport, water, etc.), taxes, or use of government benefits, is also at a low level.
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quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous: spirited, life, sprightliness, vivification, chirpiness, invigoration, spirit, liveliness, activeness, animation, brio, spiritless, activity

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